Do you love wearing brooches?


Truthfully… my grandmother and mother have influenced my love for jewellery from early childhood.
Interestingly enough, my love for wearing brooches is mainly during winter. I suppose because we wear bulky jerseys or cover up with jackets. Hence the reason I adorn with brooches in winter.

Previously, placement was key. A brooch always worked when worn, left or right, over the bust, but it was also a surprising embellishment at the center of a buttoned up collar. .

You can always wear a brooch on your shoulder — that’s the traditional way to wear a pin. Truthfully, it’s often one of the best spots for placement. But your shoulder certainly isn’t the only option for a brooch. How about your waist, or on a hat, or at your chin?
Try scattering several brooches over a jacket or a plain dress. Pin on a sleeve, another on a shoulder, yet another on the lapel and still another on a pocket. Wear a cluster of them placed strategically around the collarbone area of a jacket or a dress.
Would you love Abigail’s Designs to have a collection of brooches? Not just any ones, antiques. Showing our taste for class and style, in winter of course.
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— Abigail Robichon
Owner and Manufacturer of Abigail’s Designs

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