Night Orchid


The orange-red Agate at the centre of the orchid, that darkens upon exposure to the sun, has been complimented with an array of agates.


The design of the this necklace is inspired by a plant one of my favourite uncles gifted me a while back. Actually just after the Covid lockdown. Exactly a year later this beautiful Orchid Cactus bloomed so many flowers.

You have to stay up late to enjoy the opening of this extraordinary cactus, which is shaped like a majestic waterlily. If you are an early riser and usually early to bed – this plant is not for you! The queen of the night cactus flowers between dusk and dawn – for us she is the highlight of any party season.

The message I got and would like to relay, inspite of the darkness around us, we can still bloom, beautifully.

I’ve complimented the orange-red Agate, that darkens upon exposure to the sun, set as the centre of this orchid, with an array of agates. Making this necklace not only an eye catcher but literally easy to wear with anything.


Always A Great Match